Dorota (xafirah) wrote in cato_neimoidia,

#70 Winter Solstice

Icons made for theseasonwheel's theme: "Winter Solstice" (hard mode)


01. Let it snow! [01-05]
2x Doctor Who, 2x Game of Thrones, Star Wars

02. Happy golden days. [06-10]
Fear the Walking Dead, ST: Discovery, Fear the Walking Dead, Riverdale, Doctor Who

03. Traced in constellations. [11-15]
Twin Peaks, The Runaways, Doctor Who, The Runaways, Black Mirror

04. New Year's Day*. [16-20]
Wolf Among Us, X-Men: The New Mutants, Daredevil, The Exorcist, A Series of Unfortunate Events

- Wolf Among Us - season 2 coming in 2018
- new X-Men movie coming in 2018
- I hope to make more Daredevil icons in 2018 and have time to finish watching season 2 (and start watching The Punisher)
- I wish they finally announced season 3!
- A Series of Unfortunate Events - season 2 <3



Tags: a series of unfortunate events, black mirror, daredevil, doctor who, fear the walking dead, game of thrones, games, icons, riverdale, star trek: discovery, star wars, the exorcist, the runaways, twin peaks, x-men
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